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December 20, 2016: Council panel moves Citizens United referendum proposal forward The Journal Times

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April 6, 2016: Eleven Communities Vote to Amend the U.S. Constitution Wisconsin United To Amend

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November 9, 2014: VIDEO: Green Bay’s referendum on corporate personhood Thom Hartmann

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July 10, 2014: Wisconsin Working Hard to Get Money Out of Politics. Occupy River West

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June 25, 2014: Wausau group joins effort to amend U.S. Constitution. Wausau Daily Herald

June 24, 2014: Voters to get say on money in politics.

June 24, 2014: Move to Amend petition requests referendum on November ballot.

June 20, 2014: Grassroots activists in Fond du Lac, Ripon, seek measure to limit corporate campaign spending. Star Tribune

June 19, 2014: Local grassroots movements aim to limit corporate campaign spending. Fond du Lac Reporter

June 19, 2014: Fox Cities petitioners call for referendum to curb political spending.

May 21, 2014: Listen to the people: Money isn’t speech. The Cap Times Editorial

March 28, 2014: Get money out of politics, take back our vote. Manitowoc

March 28, 2014: Dane County will vote on marijuana, suburbs on Citizens United and a leaf vacuum. Wisconsin State Journal

March 13, 2014: Join effort to change campaign financing. The Appleton

March 10, 2014: Move to Amend, Senate redistricting bill outlined. Jefferson Daily Union

January 23, 2014: Mary Sanderson: Waunakee, DeForest and Windsor also to vote on amending Constitution. The Cap Times

January 19, 2014: Citizens United decision made our political problems worse — Valerie Murphy. The Cap Times

January 18, 2014: Belleville voters can speak up for repair of democracy. The Cap Times

November 3, 2013: Move to Amend organizes in Fond du Lac.

October 8, 2013: Groups rally at Wisconsin Capitol against ‘Citizens United’. The Cap Times

September 19, 2013: Move to Amend seeks support for referendum. The Waunakee Tribune

September 18, 2013: Time for Waunakee to support amendment. The Waunakee Tribune

August 20, 2013: Kenosha County Board urges Citizens United overturn. Kenosha News

August 1, 2013: Let Wisconsinites vote to undo Citizens United. Rep Chris Taylor via the Cap Times

July 24, 2013: Wisconsin Citizens United Resolution Calls For 2014 Referendum Question Vote. Huffington Post

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April 3, 2013: Fort, Whitewater pass Move to Amend referenda. Jefferson County Daily Union

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February 15, 2013: ‘We the People Amendment’ introduced in House. Daily Jefferson County Union

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December 19, 2012: Move To Amend Rock River Referendum Will be on Spring Ballot Daily Jefferson County Union

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April 4, 2012: Voters in West Allis, Wisconsin Move to Amend Move To Amend

March 27, 2012: In the wake of Citizens United v. FEC, Local Grassroots Organization Leads the National Fight Against Unlimited Independent Expenditures on Elections (See story about SCWMTA on page 6) Madison Guild Newsletter

February 9, 2012: WI State Legislators Introduce Move to Amend Resolution Move To Amend

September 13, 2011: West Allis group wants new limits on corporate election influence.

April 15, 2011: Grant Petty: Voters confirm that money is not speech. Wisconsin State Journal

April 9, 2011: 84% Vote against Citizens United!. Greenville Village Post