2017 Articles

The Citizen’s United v FEC decision by the Supreme Court opened the floodgates to campaign spending by deep-pocket anonymous donors. The following articles and reports portray the aftermath of this decision:

April 20, 2017: Republicans Sell Access to Congressional Staffers, Flouting Cardinal Ethics Rule The Intercept

April 19, 2017: Why We Need a Statewide Referendum to Help Overturn Citizens United Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

April 18, 2017: When “Free Speech” By Special Interests Tramples On The Rights Of Citizens The Daily Caller

April 17, 2017: ‘Gyrocopter Guy’ Still Has a Message to Deliver Politico

April 14, 2017: Somebody just put a price tag on the 2016 election. It’s a doozy. The Washington Post

April 13, 2017: Election 2016: Trump’s free media helped keep cost down, but fewer donors provided more of the cash Open Secrets

April 12, 2017: Citizens calling for big money ban, not balanced budget Richard Russell via The Cap Times

January 1, 2017: Betsy DeVos, Trump’s Education Pick, Plays Hardball With Her Wealth New York Times