City & Village Handbook

Chapter 1. Introduction
  A. Introduction (.pdf)
  B. Important Tenets of the Democracy Reform Movement (.pdf)
Chapter 2. Overview and General Information for Planning a Referendum
  A. Overview for Getting a Referendum Passed (.pdf)
  B. Diagram & Discussion of the Referendum Process (.pdf)
  C. Petitioning Timeline and Number of Signatures Needed (.pdf)
  D. Petition Timing Calculator (Google Spreadsheet)
  E. 2014 Governor Voting Totals by Municipality (.pdf) Search with Ctrl-F
  F. Finding Reliable Volunteers (.pdf)
  G. Volunteer Contact Info and Interests (.pdf)
  H. Petition Signer Tracking Spreadsheet (Google Spreadsheet)
  I. Confirming Names, Residence Addresses, Counties (.pdf)
Chapter 3. Tools for Carrying out a Petition Drive
  A. WIUTA Supporter Form (.pdf)
  B. Petition Form (.doc)
  C. Educating and Training Petitioners (.pdf)
  D. Contact Numbers and Tips for Canvassing (.doc)
  E. WIUTA Petition Instructions When Collecting Signatures (.doc)
  F. Helpful Things to Say when Petitioning (.pdf)
  G. Q&A Worth Reading Related to Petition Drives (.pdf)
  H. ID Card for Petitioning (.pdf)
Chapter 4. Tools for Communicating with Citizens
  A. WIUTA Tri-Fold Brochure (.pdf)
  B. Community Handout (.pdf)
  C. WI Communities and States List (.pdf)
  D. WI Resolution Map (.pdf)
  E. Million Dollar Bill – Door Hanger – Front (.png)
  F. Million Dollar Bill – Door Hanger – Back (.doc)
  G. Pre-Election 4-Up (.pdf)
  H. Pre-Election 4-Up (.doc)
  I. Community Education Presentation Flyer / Poster (.doc)
  J. Chest & Back Placard Sign for WIUTA Petition (.doc)
  K. Pre-Ballot Education Flyer / Poster (.doc)
  L. Sample Yard Sign (.png)
  M. We The People Amendment Bill – H.J.Res.48
  N. WI Assembly Bill AJR 8
  O. WI Senate Bill SJR 12
Chapter 5. Documents to Submit to the City/Village Clerk
  A. Documents Delivered to Clerks and Elected Officials (.pdf)
  B. Cover Letter to Clerk for Petition (.doc)
  C. Certification of WIUTA Petition (.doc)
  D. Cover Letter to Council or Board (.doc)
  E. Full Resolution Language (.doc)
  F. Sample Ballot Language (.doc)
  G. Public Official Notification Letter – Template (.doc)
  H. Where to Send Labels – Avery 8660 (.doc)
Chapter 6. Laws on Petitioning
  A. WI Statute 9.20 on Referenda & Resolutions
  B. WI Statute 8.40 on Petition Requirements
  C. Laws on Petitioning Timing
  D. Circulation of Petitions on Election Day
  E. Circulation of Petitions in Public Buildings
  F. When the 60th Day Falls on a Weekend
  G. Late Submission / Placement on Ballot
  H. Election Day Manual for Wisconsin Election Officials