George Penn from Wisconsin United to Amend: How to Limit the Impact of Big Money on Our Elections
Wisconsin United To Amend – November 14, 2023

2018 Unhappy Birthday Party for Citizens United
South Central Wisconsin United To Amend – January 21, 2018

Rick Brunton talks about the Citizens United decision
Wisconsin United To Amend – 2016

Wisconsin United To Amend Presentation
Jon Engelhardt via Monona Community Media – September 16, 2016

George Penn: Let Lessig Debate!
Getting our Democracy Back. Example of Loss of Local Control. Fix Democracy First! September 30, 2015.

Wisconsin Sen. Dale Schultz on Campaign Finance Reform
Former Wisconsin Senator and Republican Majority Leader Dale Schultz calls current campaign financing “legalized bribery”. April 7, 2015.

Money In Voters Out Wisconsin Rally – October 9, 2013
Protesting the McCutcheon v. FEC case (a.k.a Citizens United 2.0). Video courtesy of Scott Foval / People For the American Way.