2014 Articles

The Citizen’s United v FEC decision by the Supreme Court has opened the floodgates to campaign spending by deep-pocket anonymous donors. The following articles and reports portray the aftermath of this decision:

December 29, 2014: Big money breaks out Politico

December 12, 2014: The Best Government Wall Street and the Billionaires Can Buy Huffington Post

December 10, 2014: A hidden measure that could devastate campaign finance laws MSNBC

November 21, 2014: 8 Things You Can Do to Help Get Money Out of Politics Bill Moyers

November 14, 2014: Where Campaign Finance Reformers Actually Won On Election Day Huffington Post

November 13, 2014: Here’s a 2014 Mandate: Pass an Amendment to Remove Big Money From Politics The Nation

November 9, 2014: VIDEO: Green Bay’s referendum on corporate personhood Thom Hartmann

November 9, 2014: Dark Money Helped Win the Senate NY Times

November 7, 2014: In Five States Voters Vote To Overturn Citizens United PopularResistance.org

November 7, 2014: ‘We will only get louder’: Dozens of communities vote to boot big money from politics RawStory.com

November 7, 2014: Elizabeth Warren: It’s time to work on America’s agenda Washington Post

November 5, 2014: 6 Ways Americans Voted Against Corporate Power in the Most Expensive Midterm Elections Ever Yes! Magazine

October 31, 2014: Referenda allow Wausau voters to weigh in directly Wausau Daily Herald

October 28, 2014: 12 Wisconsin communities to vote on Citizens United repeal Wisconsin Gazette

October 23, 2014: Big Money Bankrolls Opposition to Movement to Overturn Citizens United PRWatch.org

October 22, 2014: Election to Cost Nearly $4 Billion, CRP Projects, Topping Previous Midterms OpenSecrets.org

October 17, 2014: How Billionaire Oligarchs Are Becoming Their Own Political Parties The NY Times

October 16, 2014: Teddy Roosevelt v. Citizens United Rueters

October 14, 2014: Goldwater would have hated ‘Citizens United’ Washington Post

October 14, 2014: The Secret Money Buying Wisconsin’s Laws The Daily Beast

October 14, 2014: Corporate campaign cash breeds corruption Vicky Daubert via The Cap Times

October 4, 2014: Americans Should Be Protesting for Democracy, Too Lawrence Lessig via Reader Supported News

October 3, 2014: Letter: Wausau wants Big Money out of politics Wausau Daily Herald

October 3, 2014: A shareholder solution to ‘Citizens United’ Washington Post

September 30, 2014: The “rubber stamp” SCOTUS: How corporations’ ugly myth became law Salon / Jeff Clements

September 24, 2014: Can we be political but not partisan? Jeff Zdrale, Post-Crescent Community Columnist

September 15, 2014: Framing: Value in anti-Koch attacks Politico

September 12, 2014: A constitutional amendment to take Big Money out of politics dies quietly Jim Gaines via Reuters

September 9, 2014: Senator Durbin Voices Support For Anti-Citizens United Constitutional Amendment Public Campaign

September 7, 2014: This Is a ‘Pivotal Moment’ for the Movement to Remove Big Money From Politics John Nichols

September 3, 2014: The Conservative versus the Corporatist: Justice Rehnquist’s Opposition to Justice Powell’s Drive To Create “Corporate Speech” Rights Jeff Clements

August 18, 2014: The Disease of American Democracy Robert Reich

August 12, 2014: Who rules America? The Hill

July 31, 2014: Poll: Support for Campaign Finance Reform Strong in Key Senate Races. Time

July 31, 2014: ALEC’s Jeffersonian Project Pushes to Amend U.S. Constitution. P.R. Watch

July 28, 2014: When Did Companies Become People? Excavating The Legal Evolution. N.P.R.

July 28, 2014: Leaked Memo Tells Senate Candidate To Spend 80 Percent Of Her Time Raising Money. Huffington Post

July 16, 2014: Amend corporate cash out of politics. The Cap Times

July 12, 2014: We, the people can overturn ‘Citizens United’. Wausau Daily Herald

July 11, 2014: Campaign Finance Reform – That’ll Shut ‘Em Up. readersupportednews.org

July 10, 2014: 10 Supreme Court Rulings That Turned Corporations Into People. Mother Jones

July 10, 2014: Wisconsin Working Hard to Get Money Out of Politics. Occupy River West

July 4, 2014: Will of people shines in direct-legislation petitions. PostCrescent.com

July 4, 2014: A Stampede to Amend the Constitution and Get Big Money Out of Politics. Truth-out

July 3, 2014: How Hobby Lobby Undermined The Very Idea of a Corporation. Mother Jones

July 2, 2014: Money in Politics: What Can a Person Do?. Kathleen Vineout

June 25, 2014: Wausau group joins effort to amend U.S. Constitution. Wausau Daily Herald

June 24, 2014: Voters to get say on money in politics. PostCrescent.com

June 24, 2014: Move to Amend petition requests referendum on November ballot. fdlreporter.com

June 20, 2014: Grassroots activists in Fond du Lac, Ripon, seek measure to limit corporate campaign spending. Star Tribune

June 19, 2014: What politicians really think about Citizens United: Guest commentary. LA Daily News

June 19, 2014: Local grassroots movements aim to limit corporate campaign spending. Fond du Lac Reporter

June 19, 2014: Fox Cities petitioners call for referendum to curb political spending. PostCrescent.com

June 17, 2014: Koch-Funded Group Won’t Back Kansas Republicans Who Supported Clean Energy. Think Progress

June 10, 2014: Republican Congressman Demolishes The Supreme Court’s Rationale For Killing Campaign Finance Laws. Think Progress

June 9, 2014: Democracy Movement Leads Push for Democracy Amendment. PR Watch

May 31, 2014: A conversation between Ron Johnson and Koch donors. The Cap Times

May 25, 2014: Walking a Fine Line on Campaign Finance. The New York Times

May 23, 2014: G.O.P. Sues for a Loophole to Raise Unlimited Money From Individuals. The New York Times

May 21, 2014: Listen to the people: Money isn’t speech. The Cap Times Editorial

May 16, 2014: Abortion foes kill ‘corporations aren’t people’ legislative push. MinnPost.com

May 12, 2014: Board overrides Chris Abele veto, sets vote on free speech ruling. Milwauke Journal

May 12, 2014: How Chief Justice Roberts Dissembled, Obfuscated and Misled in his McCutcheon Opinion to Radically Change the Court’s “Corruption” Standard and Legalize the Use of Contributions to Buy Government Influence and Results. Fred Wertheimer, Democracy 21

May 6, 2014: New Poll: Americans Think The Supreme Court Is Political, Closed Off, And Got Citizens United Wrong. Buzz Feed Politics

May 2, 2014: Vermont first state to call for constitutional convention to get money out of politics. VTdigger.org

April 30, 2014: Senate Plans Vote on Constitutional Amendment to Counter ‘Plutocracy’ Politics. The Nation

April 30, 2014: John Paul Stevens: ‘Money is not speech’. The Hill

April 21, 2014: Oligarchy Nation. U.S. News & World Report

April 16, 2014: A Decade of McCain-Feingold. Campaigns & Elections

April 9, 2014: The 5 Most Absurd Quotes in McCutcheon v FEC Decision. Common Blog

April 8, 2014: How the Supreme Court Blowtorched Democracy and What You Can Do About It. The Nation

April 8, 2014: Rich people rule!. Washington Post

April 7, 2014: Now He Tells Us: McCutcheon Attorney Admits Money Is Not Speech. Huffington Post

April 7, 2014: Americans Don’t Think Donation Limits Hurt Free Speech, Poll Shows. Huffington Post

April 7, 2014: Opening the polical money chutes. Reuters

April 4, 2014: On Politics: High court ruling will lift Wisconsin’s campaign donor limits, experts say. Wisconsin State Journal

April 3, 2014: A Resounding Vote Against Koch Brothers Dollarocracy. The Nation

April 2, 2014: Originalists Making It Up Again: McCutcheon and ‘Corruption’. The Daily Beast

April 2, 2014: With ‘McCutcheon’ Ruling, An Activist Court Opts for Full-On Plutocracy. The Nation

April 2, 2014: How The Supreme Court Just Legalized Money Laundering By Rich Campaign Donors. Huffington Post

April 1, 2014: Bombshell Corruption Case Shines Merciless Light On How Politicians Raise Money. Huffington Post

March 31, 2014: How to Vote Against the Koch Brothers. The Nation

March 31, 2014: More Than Corruption Threatens the Integrity of Our Democracy. The American Prospect

March 28, 2014: Get money out of politics, take back our vote. Manitowoc htrnews.com

March 28, 2014: Dane County will vote on marijuana, suburbs on Citizens United and a leaf vacuum. Wisconsin State Journal

March 24, 2014: Will New Hampshire Be the Next State to Declare Democracy Is for People—Not Corporations?. The Nation

March 19, 2014: The Plutocrats Take To The Barricades. Campaign for America’s Future

March 18, 2014: Scalia’s looming fiasco: Obscure new SCOTUS case may be worse than Citizens United. Salon

March 18, 2014: A Campaign Inquiry in Utah Is the Watchdogs’ Worst Case. NYTimes

March 14, 2014: McCutcheon combined with Citizens United could wipe out democracy. Missoulian

March 13, 2014: Join effort to change campaign financing. The Appleton PostCresent.com

March 10, 2014: Move to Amend, Senate redistricting bill outlined. Jefferson Daily Union

March 7, 2014: Koch Spends More Than Double Top Ten Unions Combined. Republic Report

February 28, 2014: What the Supreme Court Has Already Said About McCutcheon v. FEC. Demos

February 26, 2014: The Pro-Money Court: How the Roberts Supreme Court Dismantled Campaign Finance Law. Brennan Center for Justice

February 18, 2014: Faith groups push back on role of money in politics. The Hill

February 9, 2014: D.C. Needs a Grassroots Fix That Will Come When Left and Right Find Common Ground. The Daily Beast

February 6, 2014: A Midwest Republican Senator Crusades Against the Corruption of Money In Politics. Occupy.com

February 4, 2014: Reversing the grievous error of Citizens United. The Washington Post

February 3, 2014: Campaign Finance Law Is Even Worse Than You Think. U.S. News & World Report

February 3, 2014: Will Elizabeth Warren Purge American Politics of Corruption?. Vice

January 23, 2014: Mary Sanderson: Waunakee, DeForest and Windsor also to vote on amending Constitution. The Cap Times

January 22, 2014: How Citizens United changed politics, in 7 charts. Washington Post

January 22, 2014: Cuomo takes a first step toward campaign finance reform. CapitalNewYork.com

January 21, 2014: Four Years After ‘Citizens United,’ There Is Real Movement to Remove Big Money From Politics. John Nichols via The Nation

January 19, 2014: Citizens United decision made our political problems worse — Valerie Murphy. The Cap Times

January 18, 2014: Belleville voters can speak up for repair of democracy. The Cap Times

January 16, 2014: Former Senate Leader Says Senators Spent Two-Thirds of Time Asking for Money. The National Journal

January 15, 2014: Dark money: How Wisconsin’s most politically influential organizations avoid disclosing their donors. The Cap Times

January 11, 2014: The sequel to Citizens United. The Wisconsin State Journal

January 8, 2014: Residents might get chance to vote on special-interest funding. MyWalworthCounty.com

January 5, 2014: Koch-backed political coalition, designed to shield donors, raised $400 million in 2012. The Washington Post

January 2, 2014: Major Social Transformation Is a Lot Closer Than You May Realize – How Do We Finish the Job? PopularResistance.org via Truth-Out.org