Brochure (.pdf).

Community Handout (.pdf).

Communities & States Supporting an Amendment (.pdf).

Money In Politics Polls (.pdf).

Action Plan (.pdf).

Generic Candidate Handout (.pdf).

Small Business Resolution (.pdf).

Small Business Resolution Handout (.pdf).

Supporter Form (.pdf).

Citizen Lobbying 1 pager (.pdf).

Citizen Lobbying 4 pager (.pdf).

Are Corporations People? (.pdf).

Why Abolish All Corporate Constitutional Rights (.pdf) POCLAD

Corporate Personhood Timeline (.pdf) Jan Edwards, WILPF, et al

Corporations and the Bill of Rights Carl J. Mayer via Reclaim Democracy

Unstacking the Deck: A New Agenda to Tame Corruption in Washington Roosevelt Institute

Why Competition in the Politics Industry Is Failing America Harvard Business School

The 200-year legal struggle that led to Citizens United and gave corporations the rights of people The New Republic

Across the Aisle – Republican Leaders for an Amendment. (.pdf) Free Speech For People

The Movement Action Plan: A Strategic Framework Describing The Eight Stages of Successful Social Movements. Bill Moyer

United Republic’s Act Across America Organizing Guide. (.pdf)

Nationwide Voter Survey (.pdf). Free Speech For People

Earned Media Guide (.pdf). Kaja Rebane

Lobbying Guide (.pdf). Kaja Rebane

What’s Money Got to Do with It? Fostering Productive
Discussions about Campaign Finance in our Schools
(.pdf). Hartwick, Pope, et al