2018 Articles

The Citizen’s United v FEC decision by the Supreme Court opened the floodgates to campaign spending by deep-pocket anonymous donors. The following articles and reports portray the aftermath of this decision:

December 31, 2018: Congress unlikely to stop super PACs from hiding donors Politico

December 31, 2018: Cleaning the Congressional Stables NY Times

December 22, 2018: Why are we so dissatisfied with democracy? The reasons are many The Guardian

December 18, 2018: Senate Democrats join the push for sweeping anti-corruption legislation VOX

December 13, 2018: New Bill Would Heighten Political Ad Disclosures Multichannel News

December 9, 2018: The Corporate Donors Behind a Republican Power Grab The New York Times

December 8, 2018: House Democrats and Nancy Pelosi waste no time, announce bill tackling America’s corrupt campaign finance system Fred Wertheimer via NBC News

December 6, 2018: Citizens United Is Still Doing the Dirty Work The New York Times

December 2, 2018: In Democrats’ First Bill, There’s a Quiet Push to make Public Campaign Finance a Reality The Intercept

December 1, 2018: Body Politic: Only People Are People Chronogram

November 30, 2018: House Democrats unveil their first bill in the majority: a sweeping anti-corruption proposal Vox

November 29, 2018: Outside groups spent record $61 million in 2018 midterms Wisconsin State Journal

November 28, 2018: Justice Kennedy Says `There’s a Problem of Money in Politics’ Bloomberg

November 26, 2018: ‘It’s a Long Story’: Justice John Paul Stevens, 98, Is Publishing a Memoir New York Times

November 25, 2018: The Democratic majority’s first order of business: Restore democracy Washington Post

November 21, 2018: Money in Politics: Congressional PACs are Personal ‘Slush Funds’ used for Disneyland and Luxury Hotels, Watchdog Alleges Newsweek

November 21, 2018: Secret political spending on track to reach $1 billion milestone Marketwatch

November 17, 2018: Big money, dark money, and the two Gilded Ages Oxford University Press

November 16, 2018: At UVa, Kennedy calls for civil discourse in democracy The Daily Progress

November 16, 2018: America needs a 28th Amendment for more liberty, more representation and better government Jeff Clements via The Inquirer

November 12, 2018: Nine More Wisconsin Communities Vote to Amend the U.S. Constitution Door County Daily News

November 12, 2018: Democrats Say Their First Bill Will Focus On Strengthening Democracy At Home NPR

November 11, 2018: Momentum builds for Dems to take on campaign finance reform The Hill

November 9, 2018: Voters are hungry for reform: Congress must deliver The Hill

November 9, 2018: Public Campaign Financing Won Big on Tuesday Next City

November 8, 2018: Aha! US Supreme Court Likes Immortal Corporations Better Than Live People City Watch

October 31, 2018: Job No. 1 for a Democratic House? A sweeping good-government bill, groups say Washington Post

October 31, 2018: Outside spending in state campaigns soars past old record Wisconsin State Journal

October 26, 2018: Eleven donors have plowed $1 billion into super PACs since they were created Washington Post

October 18, 2018: Super PACs driving the midterms unsurprisingly The Hill

October 16, 2018: Pelosi: Dems would start with campaign finance reform if they take House The Hill

October 16, 2018: Small Donors Fuel a Big Democratic Lead in 2018 Fund-Raising The NY Times

October 15, 2018: Bill Berry: Wisconsin’s now the darkest of dark-money states The Cap Times

October 13, 2018: Collins blasted ‘dark money’ groups in Kavanaugh fight. One just paid to thank her for her vote. Washington Post

October 12, 2018: The Case For Giving Every American $25 “Democracy Vouchers” For Every Election In These Times

October 12, 2018: Collins blasted ‘dark money’ groups in Kavanaugh fight. One just paid to thank her for her vote Washington Post

October 10, 2018: House Democratic Challengers Demand Campaign-Finance Reforms The American Prospect

October 8, 2018: Brad Schimel’s Pipeline to Campaign Cash One Wisconsin Now

October 6, 2018: Money in Politics: An American Challenge The Gazette

October 2, 2018: KochPAC “Pay to Play” Aims to Slow Solar, Renewables Center for Media & Democracy

October 1, 2018: The man who gave his Supreme Court seat to Donald Trump is very upset about incivility Think Progress

September 27, 2018: America Was in Decline Long Before Trump Stepped Into Office The Nation

September 27, 2018: Rep. McNerney Introduces Constitutional Amendment to Ban Dark Money and Reform Campaign Finance System East County Today

September 21, 2018: Supreme Court leaves in place decision that will shine a light on dark money The Hill

September 18, 2018: Democratic poll: Public doubts GOP can combat corruption, but not convinced Dems can either McClatchy

September 2, 2018: Secret cash aided politicians who rewrote Wisconsin law to block claims of lead-poisoned children The Cap Times

September 2, 2018: Secret cash aided politicians who rewrote Wisconsin law to block claims of lead-poisoned children Channel3000.com WISC-TV

September 1, 2018: Secret political cash quietly reshaping Wisconsin laws Midland Reporter Telegram

August 23, 2018: Why So Many Democratic Candidates Are Dissing Corporate PACs The Atlantic

August 12, 2018: For Voters Sick of Money in Politics, a New Pitch: No PAC Money Accepted NY Times

August 7, 2018: The Shadow Rulers of the VA ProPublica

August 7, 2018: Beyond The Ballot: Money In Politics Wisconsin Public Radio

August 5, 2018: Forget left and right. This is what will determine the midterms Washington Post

August 4, 2018: Judge’s ruling invalidates FEC regulation allowing anonymous donations to ‘dark money’ groups Politico

August 2, 2018: VIDEO: 100 Problems, 100 Reasons to Keep Fighting Zephyr Teachout

August 2, 2018: Corporate donations are new test for Democratic candidates Washington Post

July 20, 2018: The river of dark money just got darker and wider Washington Post

July 19, 2018: Fossil fuel industry spent nearly $2 billion to kill U.S. climate action, new study finds Think Progress

July 17, 2018: Poll: Corruption message gaining traction against GOP Politico

July 17, 2018: I.R.S. Will No Longer Force Kochs and Other Groups to Disclose Donors New York Times

July 11, 2018: Congress Can Stop Foreign Secret Spending on US Elections Right Now Truth Out

July 10, 2018: Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Will Entrench Power of Wealthy Donors Backing His Nomination Every Voice

July 6, 2018: ‘Pay to Play’ in the State Legislature GoDanRiver.com

July 4, 2018: Our campaign finance laws can’t be solved by a constitutional convention The Hill

July 3, 2018: The Anti-Big Money PAC Backing Corporate-Financed Democrats Sludge

July 3, 2018: Poll: Voters Want Trump’s Supreme Court Pick to Limit Corporate Money in Politics, Not Abortion Daily Beast

July 2, 2018: Former FEC Chair Ann Ravel joins MapLight to take on deceptive digital politics MapLight

June 27, 2018: Elena Kagan’s dissent trashes Supreme Court as “black-robed rulers overriding citizens’ choices” Vox

June 26, 2018: Here’s what you need to know about shell companies and foreign election spending Open Secrets

June 26, 2018: The Daily 202: A poll commissioned by Bush and Biden shows Americans losing confidence in democracy Washington Post

June 21, 2018: Company that runs immigration detention centers is top donor for three Texas congressmen Dallas News

June 21, 2018: A World for All of Us, Not Just the Billionaires The Nation

June 21, 2018: Sauk County Board approves referendum on money in politics Baraboo News Republic

June 19, 2018: Citizens United referendum to appear on Wood County ballot Hub City Times

June 18, 2018: Corporate Political Action Committees Pour $120 Million into Congressional Campaigns for 2018 Midterms MapLight

June 17, 2018: As more Dems reject corporate PAC money, a Texas Senate candidate’s PAC-free campaign pays off USA Today

June 16, 2018: POINT: Should the U.S. Constitution be amended to reverse Citizens United? George Penn via Illinois Business Journal

June 13, 2018: Corporate Welfare Recipients Contributed $800K+ to Walker Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

June 8, 2018: Dan Schierl challenges Mike Rohrkaste in 55th Assembly District Appleton Post Crescent

June 6, 2018: Artificial Persons The Nation

May 31, 2018: Today’s talker: Trump’s pardons send a clear signal to those who disregard the rules USA Today

May 30, 2018: Greitens goes out the way he came in, haunted by the specter of dark money St. Louis Post-Dispatch

May 27, 2018: Campaign-Finance Reform Can Save the GOP The Atlantic

May 26, 2018: China Approves 5 New Trademarks For Ivanka Trump Business As President Forges ZTE Deal Huffington Post

May 22, 2018: How corporations won their own civil rights movement CNN

May 22, 2018: Democrats’ New Midterm Approach: It’s the Corruption, Stupid The Nation

May 18, 2018: Walker, Foxconn, and Hammes: Crony capitalism at its worst! Matt Rothschild via The Cap Times

May 17, 2018: Did China Just Bribe Trump to Undermine National Security? New York Times

May 14, 2018: Trump Orders Help For Chinese Phone-Maker After China Approves Money For Trump Project Huffington Post

May 13, 2018: Grassroots speaker in Rhinelander WJFW TV Rhinelander

May 13, 2018: Russ Feingold and Ro Khanna: A new approach to big money in politics Concord Monitor

May 10, 2018: Paul Ryan Just Made a Complete Mockery of Campaign Finance Rules Esquire

May 10, 2018: Study: Most Americans want to kill ‘Citizens United’ with constitutional amendment Center for Public Integrity

May 10, 2018: You Shouldn’t Be Surprised by Michael Cohen’s Shameless Bribery Scheme Vice.com

May 8, 2018: Speaker Favors Amendment To End “Dark Money” Campaigns WXPR Public Radio

May 7, 2018: Foxconn Deal Proving Lucrative … For Donors to Gov. Walker’s Campaign Urban Milwaukee

May 7, 2018: Matt Rothschild expresses fears, hopes for democracy Winchester News Gazette

May 3, 2018: CfA Files Ethics Complaints Against 14 Members of Congress Alleging Bribery by the Payday Lending Industry Campaign for Accountability

May 2, 2018: What the Koch Brothers’ Money Buys Slate

April 25, 2018: Citizens United must be overturned Kurt Zemke via Wisconsin State Journal

April 25, 2018: Mick Mulvaney’s confession highlights the corrosive influence of money in politics Washington Post

April 22, 2018: Drain The Swamp — Trump should fire Scott Pruitt and throw out lobbyists Steve Hilton via Fox News

April 20, 2018: Door Co. Board adopts resolution regarding anonymous funding in election campaigns Green Bay Press Gazette

April 17, 2018: Jackson County on board with proposal to amend the U.S. Constitution Banner Journal, Jackson County

April 13, 2018: Trump was right that the swamp needs draining. Here’s how to do it. The News Leader

April 12, 2018: Koch Flagship Dark Money Organization Received $48.7 Million Gift During Election Year MapLight

April 11, 2018: Don Foy: Billionaire donors wrecking democracy Tomah Journal

April 10, 2018: Matt Rothschild: More Vote Against Citizens United Urban Milwaukee

April 10, 2018: What If We Didn’t… have endless political campaigns? Mic

April 5, 2018: Matt Rothschild: Nine more victories to celebrate! The Cap Times

April 4, 2018: Nine more Wisconsin communities ‘vote to amend’ in campaign against Citizen United Wisconsin Gazette

April 4, 2018: Big Victories in Wisconsin As Nine More Communities Vote to Amend the U.S. Constitution The Stamp Stampede

April 4, 2018: La Crosse joins movement, overwhelmingly votes to get big money out of politics with Constitutional amendment WIZM Radio La Crosse

April 3, 2018: Why Are Joe Biden and the NRA Endorsing State Judges? The Marshall Project

March 30, 2018: Amendment referendum question puts spotlight on La Crosse on Tuesday WIZM Radio La Crosse

March 29, 2018: Letter to the Editor: Reader wants voice back with referendum Hub City Times Marshfield

March 29, 2018: Citizens United referendum on multiple central Wisconsin ballots WAOW TV Marshfield

March 29, 2018: Advisory referendum: La Crosse voters to weigh in on Citizens United La Crosse Tribune

March 29, 2018: Voters to decide on cash in politics, state treasurer’s office Hudson Star-Observer

March 29, 2018: Company Men – The 200-year legal struggle that led to Citizens United and gave corporations the rights of people The New Republic

March 28, 2018: Citizens United and the NRA: To fix gun laws, we have to fix campaign finance laws first Salon

March 26, 2018: VIDEO: John Nichols on Money In Politics Wisconsin Grassroots Festival

March 25, 2018: Vote YES on the United to Amend referendum Marshfield News Herald

March 21, 2018: Vote yes on McFarland United to Amend referendum McFarland Thistle

March 21, 2018: Plain Talk: Money trail leads to Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce The Cap Times

March 20, 2018: Controversy Swirls as Lawmakers Eye Campaign Finance Changes Roll Call

March 20, 2018: GOP wants to flood politics with dark money using hidden “policy riders” Salon

March 15, 2018: United to Amend referendum on spring ballot McFarland Thistle

March 14, 2018: ‘Vote Yes’ group raises open meetings question Sun Prairie Star

March 9, 2018: Group to host forum on money, politics Jackson County Chronicle

March 8, 2018: Charles Koch Complains About Corporate Influence In Politics In Surprising Op-Ed Huffington Post

March 6, 2018: The Unlimited Cash Campaign Groups Urban Milwaukee

March 5, 2018: ‘Corporations Are People’ Is Built on an Incredible 19th-Century Lie The Atlantic

March 4, 2018: Frances Moore Lappé to share good news of democracy in La Crosse La Crosse Tribune

March 2, 2018: Frances Moore Lappé to share good news of democracy in La Crosse La Crosse Tribune

March 1, 2018: Provisions attached to budget bills could reshape campaign finance laws Washington Post

February 27, 2018: Author of Daring Democracy to speak at Viterbo University Fine Arts Center in La Crosse Wisconsin Gazette

February 27, 2018: The real reason the NRA’s money matters in elections Vox

February 26, 2018: “Workers’ Day of Action” Speech Matt Rothschild via Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

February 21, 2018: Nevada City in favor of ‘We the People Amendment’ regarding campaign financing The Union

February 21, 2018: Learn about United to Amend next month McFarland Thistle

February 17, 2018: The Campaign Finance Loophole That Could Make the Next Russian Attack Perfectly Legal Slate

February 16, 2018: County Board to Consider Citizens United Resolution Door County Pulse

February 15, 2018: How $225,000 Can Help Secure a Pollution Loophole at Trump’s E.P.A. New York Times

February 13, 2018: Campaign finance reform bill introduced, over two North Idaho reps’ objections The Spokesman Review

February 13, 2018: Kirsten Gillibrand Pledges To Stop Accepting Donations From Corporate PACs BuzzFeed

February 1, 2018: Why so many members of Congress are retiring Vox

January 31, 2018: Koch Industries Gave $300,000 To GOP Lawmakers Just Before Tax Vote International Business Times

January 29, 2018: Big donors ready to reward Republicans for tax cuts Politico

January 25, 2018: Secret donors come back to boost former-Koch group OpenSecrets.org

January 24, 2018: FACT CHECK: Did the Kochs Contribute $500,000 to Paul Ryan After the GOP Tax Plan Was Passed? Snopes

January 23, 2018: In Just One Election Cycle, Vouchers Have Changed Campaign Finance in the City of Seattle The Campaign Legal Center

January 23, 2018: The Fight For Democracy Common Dreams

January 20, 2018: Eight years after Citizens United, it’s time for bold ways to fix democracy The Hill

January 17, 2018: Board sets advisory referendum question for April ballots McFarland Thistle

January 16, 2018: Meet the Illinoisan Trying to Buy a Wisconsin Senate Seat Daily Beast

January 15, 2018: Wisconsin United to Amend announces ‘Unhappy Birthday Party for Citizens United’ Wisconsin Gazette

January 13, 2018: My Turn: Fix it, America Concord Monitor

January 12, 2018: Committee Sends Citizens United Resolution to County Board Door County Pulse