2016 Articles

The Citizen’s United v FEC decision by the Supreme Court opened the floodgates to campaign spending by deep-pocket anonymous donors. The following articles and reports portray the aftermath of this decision:

October 19, 2016: Speaker makes United to Amend case in Manitowoc Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter

October 13, 2016: Lopsided Results in Candidate Survey on Money in Politics Wisconsin United To Amend

October 11, 2016: Voter urges ‘yes’ on referendum Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter

October 9, 2016: Cast Vote to get Big Money Out of Politics Herald Times Reporter

October 8, 2016: Op-Ed: Vote to get big money out of politics Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter

October 8, 2016: Cast your ballot to limit money Beloit Daily News

September 23, 2016: Wisconsin Leak Illustrates Power of Elite Donors Brennan Center for Justice

September 21, 2016: We want money out of politics Wausau Daily Herald

September 20, 2016: Justice Kennedy, Author of Citizens United, Shrugs Off Question about his Deeply Flawed Premise The Intercept

September 14, 2016: GOP eases lead paint laws after $750,000 in donations Journal Sentinel

September 6, 2016: The Transpartisan, Grassroots Movement to Overturn Citizens United is Gaining Serious Momentum Independent Voter Project

July 25, 2016: In Hacked D.N.C. Emails, a Glimpse of How Big Money Works New York Times

July 22, 2016: Group wants vote to change decision of Citizens United The Herald Independent

July 5, 2016: Is the Supreme Court Clueless About Corruption? Ask Jack Abramoff New York Times

June 29, 2016: Delafield residents call for restrictions on national political campaign spending Lake Country Now

June 15, 2016: New York Becomes 17th State to Call for a Constitutional Amendment to Rein in Election Spending
Public Citizen

June 15, 2016: Experiencing the Thrill of Democracy Bill Moyers

June 14, 2016: Outside spending breaks $400 million mark, far outpacing 2012 Open Secrets

June 14, 2016: House Votes To Make Dark Money Darker Bill Moyers

June 10, 2016: This would be a nice first step on campaign finance reform Washington Post

June 7, 2016: Missouri Could Be the Showdown State for Money in Politics This Fall BillMoyers.com

June 4, 2016: Big Money Rearranges Its Election Bets New York Times

May 31, 2016: Campaign Finance Reformer Tom Udall Seeks Republican Allies Bill Moyers

May 30, 2016: Poll: Voters feel disconnected, helpless in 2016 Associated Press

May 25, 2016: Five Takeaways From Democracy Spring Common Dreams

May 19, 2016: Will SCOTUS Confront the Results of Citizens United? Bill Moyers

May 10, 2016: The Populist Earthquake of 2016 ReclaimTheAmericanDream.org

May 10, 2016: Two Of America’s Richest Men Secretly Tried To Sway Montana’s Judicial Elections Huffington Post

May 8, 2016: Editorial: Is the Supreme Court clueless about corruption? St. Louis Post Dispatch

May 4, 2016: Editorial: Is the Supreme Court clueless about corruption? St. Louis Post Dispatch

April 21, 2016: The Supreme Court Gets Ready to Legalize Corruption The New Yorker

April 21, 2016: A manifesto to mend our politics The Washington Post

April 20, 2016: 1,240 arrested in past week as “Democracy Spring” movement against money in politics spreads throughout U.S. Salon

April 18, 2016: Voters angry about big money in politics take their complaints to City Hall Washington Post

April 18, 2016: The Most Important Protest of the 2016 Election The Nation

April 15, 2016: Why Conservatives Are Marching for Campaign Finance Reform Bill Moyers

April 12, 2016: From Wisconsin to Washington, Americans Are Demanding an Amendment to Overturn ‘Citizens United’ The Nation

April 6, 2016: Southwest Wisconsin communities vote to nix ‘Citizens’ ruling TH Online

April 6, 2016: Eleven Communities Vote to Amend the U.S. Constitution Wisconsin United To Amend

April 5, 2016: Janesville, Beloit pass campaign finance resolution Rock County GazetteXtra

March 21, 2016: Will a Liberal Supreme Court Limit Money in Politics? New York Times

March 21, 2016: Corporations can’t hide behind First Amendment Boston Globe

March 21, 2016: Will a Liberal Supreme Court Limit Money in Politics? NY Times

March 18, 2016: Largest Civil Disobedience Action of the Century isn’t Anti-Trump, It’s Pro-Democracy Breitbart.com

March 11, 2016: How to Reverse Citizens United The Atlantic

February 26, 2016: Justices matter but amendments matter more Jeff Clements via The Hill

February 25, 2016: Lawrence Lessig explains how Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton get money in politics wrong Boston.com

February 23, 2016: Campaign-Finance Crusader Lawrence Lessig Thinks We Have a Lot to Learn from Donald Trump Vanity Fair

February 15, 2016: An executive order on transparency conservatives could support The Washington Times

February 10, 2016: “More corporate money in our elections”: Believe it or not, big money is about to get even more powerful Salon

February 2, 2016: They’re all bought and sold: American democracy belongs to the billionaires now Salon

January 27, 2016: Lawrence Lessig: Why I Ran For President The New Yorker

January 26, 2016: Washington will get to vote on whether corporations are people Seattle PI

January 25, 2016: New Koch The New Yorker

January 20, 2016: There’s Nothing Naive About Wanting to Change Our Broken System Every Voice

January 20, 2016: Obama weighs whether to force federal contractors to reveal political spending Washington Post

January 19, 2016: President Obama May Require Federal Contractors to List Campaign Gifts New York Times

January 19, 2016: Do We Really Need Campaign Finance Reform? Time

January 12, 2016: We Can Do This, America. Seven Steps to Reversing ‘Citizens United.’ Bill Moyers

January 12, 2016: Why Victory in the Fight Against Big Money Is Closer Than You Think Bill Moyers

January 11, 2016: The Roberts Court finds a new way to stack the deck in favor of the rich Washington Post

January 10, 2016: Dark money’s servant in Lansing delivers Detroit Free Press

January 9, 2016: NH House Votes to Pass, then Kill, Bipartisan Bill to Fight Big Money in Politics Concord Monitor

January 6, 2016: Montana Entering ‘A New Era Of Transparency’ In Campaign Finance Montana Public Radio

January 5, 2016: California Could Sound the Loudest Call Yet for Overturning ‘Citizens United’ The Nation