2019 Articles

The Citizen’s United v FEC decision by the Supreme Court opened the floodgates to campaign spending by deep-pocket anonymous donors. The following articles and reports portray the aftermath of this decision:

December 30, 2019: Krugman: Big money in politics and America’s lost decade Statesman

December 29, 2019: The Citizens United ruling broke American democracy at the start of the decade. It never recovered Salon

December 29, 2019: John Paul Stevens: The Pessimist of the Supreme Court Politico

December 21, 2019: America has ‘squandered’ the recovery and is falling behind the rest of the world, according to Harvard study Market Watch

December 20, 2019: Presidential elections have turned into money wars — thanks to a Supreme Court decision in 2010 CNBC

December 19, 2019: Listening to the call to save capitalism Khmer Times

December 19, 2019: The Decade of Citizens United Slate

December 5, 2019: For the young, getting big money out of politics is the cause of our time The Fulcrum

December 3, 2019: Presidential Candidates: What’s Your Plan for Draining the Swamp? The London Post

November 15, 2019: Grassroots Money Beats Amazon in Seattle The American Prospect

November 14, 2019: Some Democrats see political system overhaul as winning 2020 issue Roll Call

November 6, 2019: ACS on Dark Money: Who Is Capturing Our Courts (Wisconsin Edition)? American Constitution Society

November 5, 2019: The Political Corruption Legalized by the Supreme Court The New Republic

October 27, 2019: It’s just wrong to help corporations penalize dissent John Nichols via The Cap Times

October 18, 2019: More donors, smaller donations: How political fundraising has changed in Canada Yahoo News

October 15, 2019: Legalized Political Corruption Is So Much Bigger Than Trump: A Journey in 7 Charts Common Dreams

October 11, 2019: How ‘Citizens United’ Decision Paved Way for Giuliani’s Clients Parnas and Fruman to Buy influence in America Common Dreams

October 8, 2019: For the first time in history, U.S. billionaires paid a lower tax rate than the working class last year Washington Post

October 8, 2019: ‘Good!’ Says Sanders as Lobbyists Lash Out at Proposal to End Corporate Domination of US Politics Common Dreams

September 30, 2019: Democracy vs. Oligarchy: The Real American Divide is NOT Left vs. Right Milwaukee Independent

September 22, 2019: Video: Author of ‘Democracy in Chains’ on deep Koch influence on GOP MSNBC

September 20, 2019: How to fix politics in America Politico

September 19, 2019: Again, DNC debate moderators fail to ask about democracy issues The Hill

September 14, 2019: The Most Important Issue Missing From the Democratic Debates Washington Monthly

September 6, 2019: The Supreme Court has become just another arm of the GOP Washington Post

August 25, 2019: Koch brothers’ massive wealth really did reshape US politics The Sydney Morning Herald

August 23, 2019: Convention of States Fires Up Base for Push to Rewrite U.S. Constitution Center for Media & Democracy

August 20, 2019: Reform groups ask DNC to hold debate on plans to fix the political system The Fulcrum

August 13, 2019: The US Can’t Fight Climate Change Until It Fixes Its Broken Democracy The Globe Post

August 7, 2019: Republicans should get behind the 28th Amendment The Hill

August 7, 2019: Here’s a Look at the Campaign Backing the NRA Gives Wisconsin Legislators Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

August 2, 2019: Moscow Mitch and Yada, Yada, Yada: Progressives Need to Do a Better Job at Messaging Common Dreams

July 29, 2019: Petitions Seek Fair Election Maps, Less Money In Politics WXPR Rhinelander

July 26, 2019: Mitch McConnell Received Donations from Voting Machine Lobbyists Before Blocking Election Security Bills Newsweek

July 26, 2019: Unlimited Donations to Candidates, Coming Soon? The Atlantic

July 24, 2019: MSNBC debuts four-part documentary ‘American Swamp’ about DC disconnect The Hill

July 16, 2019: Grand Chute leaders get in heated exchange with lawmaker over dark store loophole WBAY-TV

July 12, 2019: The two words we must hear at the next Democratic debate The Philadelphia Tribune

July 7, 2019: There is no ‘right’ v ‘left’: it is Trump and the oligarchs against the rest Robert Reich via Guardian

July 4, 2019: Americans must get mad enough to reclaim our democracy The Hill

July 2, 2019: Democracy reform subtly defines the presidential primary The Hill

June 27, 2019: Where the 2020 Democrats stand on campaign finance reform Open Secrets

June 27, 2019: The Supreme Court, gerrymandering, and the Republican turn against democracy Vox

June 22, 2019: Elizabeth Warren thinks corruption is why the US hasn’t acted on climate change Vox

June 17, 2019: What Exactly Is Lobbying? Life Hacker

June 10, 2019: American democracy movement on the rise Josh Silver via The Fulcrum

June 10, 2019: The Supreme Court Nixes Corporate Contributions for the 2020 Campaign Truthout

June 7, 2019: The Constitution must be amended to assure political equality Jeff Clements via The Fulcrum

June 6, 2019: ‘In Everyone’s Best Interests’: New Hampshire 20th State to Call for Constitutional Amendment Limiting Political Spending Common Dreams

June 5, 2019: Supreme Court rulings come at a cost in public confidence The Hill

May 29, 2019: ‘The road to tyranny is paved with corrupt intentions:’ Transportation Secretary Chao still profiting from asphalt-construction giant Nation of Change

May 29, 2019: Anti-corruption group hits Congress for ignoring K Street, Capitol Hill ‘revolving door’ The Hill

May 17, 2019: Secretive Conservative Legal Group Funded By $17 Million Mystery Donor Before Kavanaugh Fight MapLight

May 15, 2019: Hedge Fund Billionaires Were Democrats’ Main Bankrollers in 2018 Sludge

May 10, 2019: Koch Industries’ Federal Lobbying Rose 35 Percent in First Quarter of 2019 Center for Media and Democracy

May 8, 2019: Schiff introduces constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United The Hill

May 3, 2019: How Big Money Contributions Cripple our Politics The Real News Network

May 2, 2019: How the Kochs’ Americans for Prosperity Hijacked Alaska’s Tax and Budget Hearings Center for Media and Democracy

May 1, 2019: Gillibrand proposes public campaign financing plan Politico

April 30, 2019: As bank profits soar, Wall Street’s political spending hits new high Washington Post

April 1, 2019: Where the 2020 Candidates Stand on Campaign Finance Read Sludge

April 1, 2019: Editorial: Wisconsin should address damage done by big money from outside interests The Cap Times

March 28, 2019: Scott Walker to Head ‘Slow Moving Coup’ to Repeal-and-Replace U.S. Constitution The Progressive

March 27, 2019: Senate Democrats unveiled an anti-corruption companion bill. Mitch McConnell is already blocking it Vox

March 23, 2019: VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence: “We are Witnessing a Total Political System Failure” Represent US

March 22, 2019: Following Citizens United, foreign-owned corporations funnel millions into US elections Open Secrets

March 20, 2019: Government Contractors Are Making Political Contributions, Despite Longstanding Ban Sludge

March 15, 2019: Organizing against Koch influence on college campuses Facing South

March 14, 2019: Both Parties Are Addicted to Dark Money. Only One Is Trying to Quit. Mother Jones

March 13, 2019: We’re Losing the War on Corruption The Atlantic

March 11, 2019: Plain Talk: Wisconsin governor’s race set record for big bucks The Cap Times

March 10, 2019: ‘Not the billionaires’: why small-dollar donors are Democrats’ new powerhouse The Guardian

March 7, 2019: Russian-Style Kleptocracy Is Infiltrating America The Atlantic

March 6, 2019: Democrats Flex Power by Taking Aim at Money in Politics U.S. News and World Report

March 1, 2019: On Democracy, Did Our Highest Court Ignore Its Strongest Argument? Common Dreams

February 11, 2019: The One Thing All the 2020 Democratic Candidates Agree They Hate Mother Jones

February 6, 2019: The Case for a Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United The Globe Post

February 4, 2019: Recent Political Scandals the ‘For the People Act’ Would Prevent From Recurring Center for American Progress

January 30, 2019: Bill Franks: Excessive Amounts of Money Have Corrupting Effect on Democracy Madison 365

January 30, 2019: To end Washington corruption, officeholders and candidates must have a new way to finance their campaigns The Hill

January 29, 2019: Democrats weigh whether Wall Street money is still allowed in 2020 Vox

January 27, 2019: New Hampshire is the next stop on road to 28th Amendment SeaCoastOnline.com

January 25, 2019: Plain Talk: Let Wisconsin weigh in on Citizens United Cap Times

January 24, 2019: Spending in 2018 gubernatorial, attorney general races reaches record levels Madison.com

January 23, 2019: In 2018 midterms, liberal dark money groups outspent conservative counterparts for first time since Citizens United Issue One

January 22, 2019: Representative Lisa Subeck and Senator Dave Hansen Introduce Proposal to Let Wisconsin Vote on Big Money in Politics Urban Milwaukee

January 22, 2019: The Rise of Special Interest Spending Urban Milwaukee

January 18, 2019: Enacting Change: United To Amend Calls for Constitutional Amendment Lakeland Times

January 18, 2019: Martin Luther King didn’t confuse property with people, unlike Citizens United ruling Matt Rothschild via Wisconsin State Journal

January 16, 2019: New hope for reversing Citizens United Door County Daily News

January 16, 2019: Subeck, Hansen Push Referendum to Overturn Citizens United Green Bay Progressive

January 16, 2019: Penn Asks Minocqua Residents To Back Amendment On Corporate Money WXPR Public Radio

January 14, 2019: Democrats’ small-donor campaign finance proposal is a great deal for taxpayers Vox

January 4, 2019: House Democrats unveil first major legislative package of voting, campaign finance and ethics overhauls Roll Call

January 3, 2019: New polling shows voters — including independents — want Congress to pass an anti-corruption bill Vox

January 2, 2019: Elizabeth Warren says ‘government has been bought and paid for’ by big business. Political scientists say she’s got a point. Washington Post