Resolution Handbook

Chapter 1 – Introduction
A. Introduction to Resolution Rules and Approaches (.pdf)

Chapter 2 – Overview
A. Steps for Passing Resolutions (.pdf)

Chapter 3 – Tools for Getting the Municipal Resolution Passed
A. Talking Points for Board/Council Members (.pdf)
B. Sample board meeting attendance request email (.doc)
C. Q&A Information (.pdf)

Chapter 4 – Tools for Communicating with Municipal Officials
A. Communities and states in support of an amendment (.pdf)
B. WI Resolution Map (.pdf)
C. Tri-Fold Brochure (.pdf)
D. Why is corporate personhood a Local issue – Option A (.pdf)
E. Why Municipalities are Calling for a Democracy Reform Amendment – Option B (.pdf)
F. How does Citizens United affect our Community – Option C (.pdf)

Chapter 5 – Documents to Submit to the Municipal Clerk
A. Documents Delivered to Municipal Clerk (.pdf)
B. Cover Letter to Clerk (.doc)
C. Cover Letter to Board/Council (.doc)
D. Full Resolution Language (.doc)