2010 Articles

The Citizen’s United v FECdecision by the Supreme Court has opened the floodgates to campaign spending by deep-pocket anonymous donors. The following articles and reports portray the aftermath of this decision:November 18, 2010: Midterm voters were largely in the dark on the identities of attack ad funders, new Public Citizen study shows. CitizenVox.org

November 18, 2010: Groups spent nearly $10 million in Wisconsin election Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel (Additional commentary. by Mike McCabe)

November 17, 2010: Legal Pros Say No to Citizens United. YES! Magazine

November 17, 2010: Insurance companies spent big to derail Obama’s health reforms. CitizenVox.org

November 16, 2010: Pittsburgh Bans Natural Gas Drilling. (and takes on corporate personhood) YesMagazine.org

November 16, 2010: The American Midterm Elections Seen from Abroad. by Tom Gallagher

November 10, 2010: The Money & Media Election Complex. John Nichols and Robert W. McChesney, The Nation

November 3, 2010: Spending blitz by outside groups helped secure big GOP wins. NBC News

November 1, 2010: Roberts Court rulings on campaign finance reveal shifting makeup, forceful roll. The Washington Post

October 28, 2010: Big Texas Green Flowing into Badger State Campaigns. Public News Service

October 26, 2010: Study Documents Corporate Takeover Of Supreme Court. ThinkProgress.org

October 20, 2010: Health Insurance, Banking, Oil Industries Met With Koch, Chamber, Glenn Beck To Plot 2010 Election. ThinkProgress.org

October 13, 2010: Rove deflects criticism of his anonymous donors with torrent of misleading claims. MediaMatters for America

October 12, 2010: Exposing Anonymous Corporate Republican Donors is a Winning Tactic for Democrats. Rachel Maddow (video)

October 10, 2010: Special interest groups spend big on Missouri Senate race. McClatchey Newspapers

October 5, 2010: Unnamed Donors Play Bigger Role. Wall Street Journal This article highlights in particular the role of special interest money in ad attacks on Sen. Russ Feingold

October 5, 2010: Midterm campaigns, brought to you by . . . ?. Eugene Robinson for the Washington Post

October 4, 2010: Interest group spending for midterm up fivefold from 2006. Washington Post

October 4, 2010: Ads Infinitum:Countering the Citizens United Plague. Ellis Weiner for the Huffington Post

October 4, 2010: A Tidal Wave of Outside Money Swamping 2010 Elections. McClatchey Newspapers

October 2, 2010: Following The Money Behind Mystery Attack Ads. National Public Radio

September 28, 2010: Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly bond over campaign corruption. The Christian Science Monitor

September 22, 2010: Memorandum on the Constitutionality of the Fair Election Now Act. Brennan Center for Justice

September 20, 2010: Donor Names Remain Secret As Rules Shift. New York Times

May 13, 2010: The Decision That Threatens Democracy. New York Review of Books

February 17, 2010: Poll:Large majority opposes Supreme Court’s decision on campaign financing. Washington Post

February 3, 2010: How to Get Our Democracy Back. Lawrence Lessig via The Nation

February 2, 2010: Sen. Kerry backs changing Constitution to deal with Supreme Court decision. The Hill

January 23, 2010: Justice Stevens’ Dissenting Opinion in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. Cornell University Law School

January 21, 2010: People Organized as Corporations are People Too. The Volokh Conspiracy