Business Resolutions

It’s quite likely that our representatives give more weight to the opinion of small business owners than everyday citizens.  Sadly, the most weight is given to big donors that enrich our representatives.

Here is a business resolution handout and three options for a business resolution:

It should be fairly easy to get these signed.  Just walk down Main St in your community and pop into every coffee shop, clothes store, etc.  Small businesses make up 99.7% of all U.S. firms.  Explain what we’re doing, trying to get the big money out of politics and end the corruption in our election system.  Highlight our success with 170+ communities around the state.  Mention that we’re trying to get a public hearing for a statewide vote on this (i.e. AJR 92 / SJR 82).  Stress that Citizens United is bad for competition, since only very large corporations can afford lobbyists and big campaign donations.  For more information, here’s a relevant article.  The poll referenced in the resolution was done by the American Sustainable Business Council. In another poll, 87% of American business leaders say that the campaign finance system needs major reforms or a complete overhaul.

Please take the initiative to print some of these, get them signed and then pass them on to me.  I’ll create a list of them on our website…thanks!!!

Jim Crist