Candidate Survey – Please Respond

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Dear Candidate,

Below is a link to a short survey asking for your opinion on what is perhaps the most important issue in this election cycle — money in politics. Polls show that over 90% of Americans are very concerned about the corruption and cronyism in Congress and want something done about it. In the Spring election here in Wisconsin, residents in eleven communities voted to amend the U.S. Constitution to make clear that (a) artificial entities such as corporations and unions are not the equivalent of human beings and thus not entitled to human rights and (b) free spending is not the equivalent of free speech.  Every referenda passed with very large majorities: Janesville (84%), Beloit (74%), Platteville (84%), Monroe (83%), New London (81%), Lancaster (85%), Brodhead (85%), Darlington (81%), Clarno (85%), York (86%) and Belmont (88%). This is obviously a non-partisan issue of great importance to voters!

Please take this short survey

Furthermore, we believe it is of substantial personal interest to candidates for elective office, as well. No matter how adept you are at working the phones for donors, no matter how successful you’ve been at raising your own campaign funds, you have to be weary of the amount of time it consumes and the sense of pandering it must instill in you. Yes, you have to play the money game, because everybody else is playing the same game, and it would be foolhardy to unilaterally disarm. But what if nobody had to do it? Or at least there was a level playing field.

Also, it must be unsettling to know that some outside group may decide to target you and pour double or triple your own money into a campaign against you — and you have no idea whether or when it’s coming or who’s behind it.

Please take this short survey

In short, the best way to restore our republic is to restore our Constitution to our founding fathers’ original intent, before corporate attorneys and the U.S. Supreme Court twisted its meaning.

But we want to know what you think.  Please take this short survey

Once the survey is complete, we will tabulate and report the results to the public.

Wisconsin United To Amend is a non-partisan state network of concerned citizens dedicated to restoring our representative democracy, by minimizing the corruptive influence that money has on our political process. We seek to overturn Citizens United and related Supreme Court decisions so we may reclaim the liberties and privileges guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution for real people.

Over 700 communities across the U.S. have already passed resolutions calling for a constitutional amendment, including 78 governments in Wisconsin and 17 state legislatures. At least 19 more Wisconsin communities will have our resolution on their November ballot.

Thank you for your time and attention! If you have any questions, just reply to this email or give us a call.

Jim Crist
Co-chair, Wisconsin United To Amend