Town & County Handbook

Chapter 1 – Introduction
A. Introduction to Town & County Resolution Rules and Approaches (.pdf)

Chapter 2 – Overview
A. Steps for Passing Town and County Resolutions (.pdf)

Chapter 3 – Tools for Getting the Town/County Resolution Passed
A. Talking Points for Town/County Board Members (.pdf)
B. Sample Town/County board meeting attendance request email (.doc)
C. Q&A Worth Reading (.pdf)

Chapter 4 – Tools for Communicating with Town/County Officials
A. Communities and states in support of an amendment (.pdf)
B. WI Resolution Map (.pdf)
C. Why is corporate personhood a Local issue (.pdf)
D. Why Towns are Calling for a Democracy Reform Amendment (.pdf)
E. How does Citizens United affect our Town (.pdf)

Chapter 5 – Documents to Submit to the Town/County Clerk
A. Documents Delivered to Town/County Clerk (.pdf)
B. Cover Letter to Clerk (.doc)
C. Cover Letter to Town Board (.doc)
D. Full Resolution Language (.doc)
E. Sample Ballot Language (.doc)
F. Public Official Notification Letter (.doc)
G. Where to Send Labels Avery 8660 (.doc)
H. Board Chair Thank You (.doc)

Chapter 6. Laws on Petitioning
A. State Statutes Concerning the Annual Town Meeting