Exeter Votes to Return the Constitution Back to “We The People”

For immediate release:

Exeter WI becomes first Township in Green County to pass a resolution declaring that money is not speech and corporations are not people.

At the July 9th town meeting last Monday night, after four months of town input at the monthly meetings, the board, in a unanimous vote, passed a resolution asking the U.S. Congress, State legislature, Governor and President to support an amendment which would reverse the Supreme Court decision, Citizens United vs. The Federal Election Commission decision. The decision granted artificial entities such as corporations and unions the same constitutional rights as natural persons, and equated free speech to money. The resulting flood of campaign cash has corrupted our political process, making our representatives beholden to a small group of moneyed special interests.

The action in Exeter comes two weeks after the vote by the Village of Belleville board to “Let the people vote” after a successful direct legislation petition by area citizens, the Belleville board had the option to pass a similar resolution or to have a referendum at the next general election in the spring of 2014. Another unanimous vote, this time to let the people vote.

Exeter becomes the eleventh community in Wisconsin to pass a “We the People” style resolution, joining Madison, Dane County, West Allis, Westport, Dunn County, Eau Claire County, Chippewa County, Fort Atkinson, Whitewater and Douglas County. Nearly 500 towns, cities and other organizations across the U.S. have done the same, including sixteen state legislatures.

Local Move to Amend volunteers in the Green County area ( MoneyOut.wordpress.com ) and our allies at South Central Wisconsin Move to Amend, ( SCWMTA.org ) would appreciate the opportunity to present to your organization or small group of citizens, a slide presentation and discussion on our movement and Citizens United effects on our Democracy.


Exeter Team
Ken Roberts or Anne Colville

Belleville / Green County Team
Tim Sager