Eleven Communities to Vote to Reclaim Democracy from Special Interests

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Eleven Communities to Vote to Reclaim Democracy from Special Interests

Madison, WI (March 31, 2016) – On Tuesday, April 5th, Wisconsin residents in eleven communities will vote on whether to amend the U.S. Constitution to make clear that: a corporation is not a person, and money is not speech.

Voters will cast ballots in Beloit, Janesville, Brodhead, Monroe, Town of Clarno, Town of York, Darlington, Belmont, Platteville, Lancaster, and New London. If all vote in favor, this will bring to 72 the number of Wisconsin communities that have called for the We The People amendment. Nationwide, 16 state legislatures have done likewise, as have more than 680 towns, villages, cities, and counties.

The language of the proposed amendment would allow us to return representation to the people. “Most of our legislators are part of Pay-To-Play politics – they must serve their big-money Funders, not the people. I want my democracy to work for my grandchildren again” says Jeanette Kelty, the United to Amend leader in the Monroe area.

Polls consistently show widespread agreement among Democrats, Independents, and Republicans that our system is corrupt and needs fixing. Former State Senator Dale Schultz, summed it up well. “We’re talking about billionaires turning this country into a Russian-style oligarchy, where there are two dozen billionaires who buy the whole political process… we are awash in money because of Citizens United, and it puts good people in both parties in a difficult situation.” [1]

“It is now obvious that we are losing our democracy,” said Nettie McGee, a reformer in Outagamie County. “The huge money in our political system buys our elections and politicians.”

The roots of the problem run deeper than Citizens United. Over a century ago Robert M. La Follette spoke out against corruption wrought by the “concessions and privileges” given to corporations by legislators. “Why,” he asked, “in a government where the people are sovereign, why are these things tolerated?”

United To Amend is a non-partisan, grassroots movement. For more information: wiuta.org

Background material can be obtained here: pdf1, pdf2 and pdf3.

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Contact George Penn, 608-244-6436, geo_penn@charter.net


[1] Senator Dale Schultz presentation, March 7, 2014 at the L.D. Fargo Public Library, Lake Mills, WI.