SJR 121 – urging support for a constitutional amendment

Wisconsinites are tired of the corruptive influence money has on our campaigns and elections.  Elite out-of-state donors, foreign governments, dark money, and special interests are taking away our voices.  A new, bipartisan resolution has just been introduced into the Wisconsin Senate that would help to restore integrity to American elections!  With SJR 121, we can send a clear message that the people of Wisconsin want to allow Congress and States to set reasonable limits on campaign spending.  Tell your WI state representatives to support SJR 121 today!  Legislative sessions are ending soon, so time is of the essence.If you don’t know your legislators, click here — opens new window of map of Wisconsin legislative districts where you enter your address in top right search bar.

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As a constituent of yours, I would very much appreciate it if you would support SJR 121 in this legislative session.

The United States was founded with the guiding principle of being a government of, by, and for the people. We have lost our way. Today, big money, dark money, and even foreign money pours unchecked into our elections and is drowning out the voices of the people.

Please do everything in your power to make sure SJR 121 passes in the 2024 legislative session. This is an urgent matter. We need a constitutional solution that empowers Congress and the States to set reasonable limits on the power of money in our elections.

As your constituent, I would be very proud if you would support this vital legislation. Thank you.

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Thank you for your patriotism…Let’s Fix This!