SJR 121 – urging support for a constitutional amendment

Wisconsinites are tired of the corruptive influence money has on our campaigns and elections.  Elite out-of-state donors, foreign governments, dark money, and special interests are taking away our voices.  A new, bipartisan resolution has just been introduced into the Wisconsin Senate that would help to restore integrity to American elections!  With SJR 121, we can send a clear message that the people of Wisconsin want to allow Congress and States to set reasonable limits on campaign spending.  Tell your WI state representatives to support SJR 121 today!  Legislative sessions are ending soon, so time is of the essence.If you don’t know your legislators, click here — opens new window of map of Wisconsin legislative districts where you enter your address in top right search bar.

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As a constituent of yours, I would very much appreciate it if you would support SJR 121 in this legislative session.

The United States was founded with the guiding principle of being a government of, by, and for the people. We have lost our way. Today, big money, dark money, and even foreign money pours unchecked into our elections and is drowning out the voices of the people.

Please do everything in your power to make sure SJR 121 passes in the 2024 legislative session. This is an urgent matter. We need a constitutional solution that empowers Congress and the States to set reasonable limits on the power of money in our elections.

As your constituent, I would be very proud if you would support this vital legislation. Thank you.

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Thank you for your patriotism…Let’s Fix This!

14th Anniversary of the Disastrous Citizens United Decision

This is the 14th anniversary of the disastrous Citizens United decision by an elitist Supreme Court, which over the last 135+ years has twisted our Constitution into a pretzel. The word ‘people’ now means corporate Super PACs and the word ‘free speech’ now means billions of dollars in campaign cash.  Billionaires and gigantic corporations get whatever they want, and everyday Americans get nothing…zero representation.

Now we face a dysfunctional government, created by billions of dollars of negative advertising.  Decades of brain washed propaganda.  We’re all angry and divided, separated into polarized tribes. ‘Throw the bums out’ is the common mantra and now we’re dangerously close to throwing out the American Constitution too.

Our problems are not left and right.  It’s up and down.  Our representatives won’t represent us until their campaigns are financed by us.  We must overrule our elitist Supreme Court and end the notion that corporation is a person and that money is the same thing as speech.  Only then can we pass reasonable campaign finance laws that level the playing field.  Only then can We The People work together to solve America’s other major problems.

Wisconsin United to Amend has made great strides over the last 14 years.  Over 840 communities across the U.S. have already passed resolutions calling for a constitutional amendment, including over 170 governments in WI and 22 state legislatures.  Once enough states press Congress on this, they will be forced to act.

We face challenging times, but we remain focused on building the Democracy Movement necessary to restore our Republic.  We’re proud to work with our partners – Wisconsin Democracy CampaignFair MapsFinal Five Voting and other good government groups.

If you can, please help pass a resolution in your community, church or local business.  Or contact your state representatives and ask them to support our resolutions (AJR 92 and SJR 82) that call for a statewide vote on Citizens United.  Just reply to this email and we’ll provide you with all the support you need.  Keep the faith, stay active, talk to your neighbors and together we’ll someday Overturn Citizens United!

Let’s Fix This!

George Penn & Jim Crist (co-chairs)
Wisconsin United To Amend
Building the Movement to Restore our Republic

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